Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wingnut Wednesday.

Contraception isn't 100% effective!

HAHAHA, all you "pro-Aborts"! SUZY ALL-CAPS WINS!!!

(my apologies for the above non-hypertext address, but SUZY doesn't want others critically evaluating her arguments, and has chosen to redirect any traffic from here to fetus pr0n.)


fern hill said...

Why does SHE do that? SHE doesn't want people to read HER blog?

I just noticed a couple of dead fetus links at our place a few days ago. When I have time, I should go through all our posts and remove the links. *sigh*

I'm not linking to HER again. Screenshots rule!

Audrey II said...

My guess would be control issues. SUZY's used to congregations being friendly and nodding obediently in agreement. She doesn't want a discussion, she wants to preach.

I highly recommend checking out her lastest "exorcist accusation" piece. It illustrates the wild-eyed CRAZINESS of the world she lives in.

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