Monday, February 15, 2010


Any guesses as to what kind of resources the false-positives this kind of "profiling" could tie up in comparison to yielding true-positives?

*For those who don't catch the allusion


Malcolm+ said...

One of the stupidest aspects of this is that every western intelligence service is desperately trying to increase the number of Arab speakers among their agents and analysts.

Seems to me the FBI guy did his job properly - he got called in, did an assessment and put an end to the stupidity.

The security guards should all be disciplined and their supervisor (who should have put an end to it long before calling the FBI) should be fired.

masterymistery said...

re your "Why this blog" intro: this is the age of utter nonsense. Forgive the political incorrectness (if such it be) but the loonies are running the asylum. The world today is a 7-year old's school project.

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

Audrey II said...


I completely agree. The clash of civilizations crowd is advocating the fighting of cancer with a broadsword.

De facto suspicion of anything Arab becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. While that might be what the Robertsons and Osamas of the world pine for, it's hardly objectively good for humankind.

Audrey II said...


Yes, it is not only the silly season, but silly age. Let's not only hope that 7 year old matures, but work towards it.

BTW, heaps big-love for your blog. I had to add an entire new section to the sidebar to link to it. While I don't have a lot of traffic to send your way, quantity has never been as important to me as quality.

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