Thursday, March 11, 2010

Call Mark Steyn! Teh Browns r winning teh breeding war!

"Minority babies set to become majority in 2010"

Will Mr. Steyn now pithily refer to the continent as "North Brownerica"?

Will we see a Maclean's column entitled "The future belongs to teh Browns"?

Will there be some sort of advocacy of an "outbreed-teh-brown-mosquitos" programme?

We report. Whether or not Steyn's bigotry extends beyond mere religion will decide.


CK said...

Oh me Gawd! Whatever will we do??

Just out of pure morbid curiosity, who's the chick posed with Mark Steyn?? Wendy Sullivan will get jealous!

Although, I think she may moved on to an even bigger wingnut Andrew Lawton of (literally, I don't know who's more overweight: Lawton or Dr "Jabba the Roy" Eappen)

Audrey II said...

The person that Steyn is posing with is Pamela Geller. Wendy might want to consider silicone if she wants to stay competitive, as "Atlas Shrugs" might have thing for hefty, furry men.

Thanks for Sullivan reminder. It's been a while since I've checked up on her.

CK said...

Ya mean, THE Atlas?? As in the Ayn Rand reincarnated in silicone, Atlas??

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