Monday, March 1, 2010

Conservative "intellectualism".

Teddy Roosevelt was one of them there statists (liberalfascists?) that held the radical view that government not only can do good on behalf of the people they represent, but should.

Who knew?

P.S. Jonah also wears pants.


Malcolm+ said...

You'd be amazed who all wore pants.

Thought you'd enjoy this.

Audrey II said...

The Old-testament underwear commandment? Wicked teenagers of today and their wicked exposed underwear? Harlots and their bare midriffs?

I love the notion that what the preacher wore during winter in Chicago is somehow relevant to what was worn in the middle east thousands of years ago. Oh, and Islam is a wicked religion because its adherents "wear dresses"? Who knew! Clearly, there's no way that the "dresses" that Arabs wear could be in any way related to what people of the region wore back then, right?

Thanks for the laugh, Malcolm!

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