Thursday, March 11, 2010

In defense of Ugandan efforts to make homosexuality a capital crime.

I have no words.

(h/t Lawyers, Guns and Money)


Malcolm+ said...

Good to see that hate has taken off it's pius mask.

A few errors of historical fact. The Ugandan Martyrs were not all Roman Catholics. The feast of the Ugandan Martyrs is a unique example of Roman Catholicism and Anglicanism commemorating the same group of post-Reformation martyrs.

It is curious, though, that this hatemonger can't quite fathom the distinction between sexual abuse and the nature of the sexual act. There are (particularly in the Roman canon) any number of female saints whose sanctity is based in a refusal to submit to sexual demands by men. By this bigot's bizarre logic, that means heterosexual sex should also be a capital crime.

The use of Dr. King to justify hate is simply another blasphemy to add to the truckload of blasphemies in this little video.

Audrey II said...

The conflation of homosexuality with pedophilia and sexual abuse has become a conservative weapon of choice. It's disingenuous and logically untenable, but it resonates to an unfortunate degree with the masses.

...Another example of ends justifying the means.

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