Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Octagons are Triangles Tuesday*

*When reality becomes inconvenient.

Palin is "smarter than Obama".


Sparky said...

it's like saying 'Beetlejuice!!' 3 times--you're just taunting the intellectually challenged 'kick ass' man to show up...

Audrey II said...

If "Tha Flamethrower" wants to champion Palin's intellectual brilliance, I say let him. Goodness knows he's heaped lavish praise on Meghan McCain's vacuity. Maybe Palin thinks that Canadians vote for their P.M.'s, too!

Given how often the ideological right in the U.S. and Canada simply invents fantasies when reality proves to be politically inconvenient, I don't think a weekly reminder of the phenomenon is really that out of order. ;)

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