Sunday, March 7, 2010

Of crocoducks, triangles, elected PM's, non-deficits, and wishful thinking.

When you claim that what's become an widely-referenced illustration of creationist misunderstanding to be an argumentative win, that says more about the fantasy that you're desperately attempting to sell in than it does about the reality that the rest of us live in.

(For those unfamiliar with the exchange, Cameron's appeal to ignorance, his Pascalian appeal to divine threat, his regurgitation of William Paley's long-since-refuted false-dichotomy, and his appallingly stupid "crocoduck" reductio failure can be viewed in its entirety here).

...Just something to keep in mind when discussion turns to assertions about "winning" and "spanking".


Patrick Ross said...


Audrey, you desperately need to learn to handle defeat gracefully.

Sparky said...

Separation from reality--handle defeat gracefully??? Coming from Patrick???? Wow!
Two words--hollow victory.
When Patrick gets his ass handed to him (which happens often around here), he makes it a personal vendetta to obfuscate, misconstrue and distort just enuf to claim victory and preen about 'spanking'
The more Patrick posts, the more I'm worried about his mental health and his apparent need to distance himself from the real world.

Sparky said...

atrick is particularly unaware when he posts--
"But the problem for Sapient is that he, like his followers, have yet to grasp a very simple concept: ridicule is not really an argument. In fact ridicule, as the RRS has so often indulged themselves in it, is founded on the idea that the beliefs or viewpoints of others are unworthy of logical consideration -- a basic cop-out in the face of intillectual debate, and a strain of ad hominem argument that has become particularly virulent in modern discourse."
And it's the height of irony when Patrick, in a vain attempt to eek out a slapdown, uses ridicule--considering that he has yet to be right about, well, almost anything.
He has yet to offer any sort of mea culpa for his wrongs, and he has yet to back up his blatantly wrong assertions with anythign resembling facts...
No, he'd rather ridicule--a deed that, as he states himself, is "a basic cop-out in the face of intillectual debate, and a strain of ad hominem argument that has become particularly virulent in modern discourse"
Do as I say, not as I do.
Is the way of Patrick
Call out others for the slightest error
Misinterpret others POV to score an ass kicking
Obfuscate and dither when he's wrong
and above all, ridicule others without offering any shred of, well, anything besides his say-so.
It's the wonder that is Patrick
He'll come along momentarily to demonstrate the above. Of course, he'll take that as a win in his world.

Patrick Ross said...

Sparkles, you know as well as I do that I'm the one who hands people's asses to them around these parts.

I call it "visiting ice advantage".

Now seriously, kids, it's time for you to give it up. I beat you last time, I beat you the time before that, and the time before that for as long as anyone can remember.

Face it, Audrey, Sparkles: you lost. Learn to cope. Get on with your life.

Sparky said...

There it is...
The 'I won--you lost!! Based solely on my say-so!!'
Any reader with a shred of intelligence would discern otherwise.
But at least there's consistency in the universe--Patrick proves my points once again.

Sparky said...

Patrick is akin to that 12 year old kid who, with one lesson in karate, goes up to the big boys daring them to knock the chip off his shoulder.
When, invariably, as is usual for Patrick, his ass gets handed to him--or, if the big guys are of such a disposition--outright ignored, he goes running home to 'reinterpret' the days events on his own blog--turning that idiotic loss into some sort of victory that he can preen about--knowing full well that the sane amongst us will rarely visit.
It'd be a nifty research project for someone to document all Patty's blog posts that are a direct response to one of his ass-kickings outside his little nexus. His blog posts, mind you, that creatively change what actually happened into some sort of "Patty wins!" scenario.
Anyone who has a basic comprehension of the english language can see otherwise.
The bitch of it is, when Patty isn't 'pissing into the wind' with regards to Audrey, CC, or others that are far better and smarter than himself, he's actually a pretty good writer.
I've mentioned numerous times that his blog would take on a better role for readers (probably for him as well) if he gave up his vendetta against those that showed him how wrong he has been--and continues to be.
But he won't listen to reason. He'll continue to post extremely self-unaware blogs and comments that apply to his misdeeds and idiocies and preen about how he kicked ass.
What usually happens to that 12 year old kid is one of two things--after repeated ass kickings he smartens up and stops trying to take on people better than he is...
Or he is relegated to an obscure corner of the playground, mumbling to himself about how great he is and how he kicked everyone's ass...
So far Patrick's aiming for the latter.

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