Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Sarah: Can she see Gaza from Alaska too?

The Quittah from Wasilla took another step into the foreign policy ring last week when she facebook-advised (yes, that's how she rolls) President Obama to return to the failed U.S. foreign policies of yesteryear with respect to the Palestinian/Israeli peace process.

Not only does the settlement decision need to be criticized (as the Obama administration has rightly done in muted tones), but it's also in the U.S.'s best interests to be involved in that criticism if it is to continue to play a role in being an honest broker in any kind of de-escalation.

Obama has larger security concerns than placating hysterical jingoistic teabaggers or alienating the U.S. even further from the Arab world.

Sarah Palin wants a "reset" to what's shown itself to be a dangerous failure, which is precisely why her foreign policy responsibilities should remain limited to gazing at the Siberian coastline.

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