Friday, March 12, 2010

Wendy Sullivan as mental illness?

"Islam indoctrinates its followers to run around the globe murdering people. Examples are September 11, Ecole Polytechnique, gay bashing in the Netherlands, the stoning of women in Somalia… the list goes on.

So is the fear of Islam really all that irrational? And if not, is there such a thing as “islamophobia”, since any fear of Islam is based in rational reasoning?"

Ingroup-outgroup morality and out-group homogeneity effect are widely acknowledged in philosophical circles as examples of irrationality, as both lack internal consistency and are rightly criticized as being untenable.

Oopsies. So much for the appeal to rationality. Maybe Wendy should stick to boobyblogging?


Angie Jackson said...

I stumbled across your comments on a hateful post about me. Thank you for understanding that not every person who speaks (or writes or tweets) is in it for the 15 minutes, and that some people are actually just trying to share and educate. I'd be honored to consider you a friend.

CanNurse said...

I'd never heard of Wendy Sullivan, but googled her. Is this the SAME Wendy Sullivan who is a Mental Health Therapist?!?!!!!

Somebody should report her to the NY licensing body. I'm serious.

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