Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When an article starts by referring to Ann Coulter as a "world renouned journalist",...

... you know it's already appealing to wishful thinking. *Ann just happens to be appearing on Coren's show in short order.

Eerily reminiscent of Coulter's own inability to provide specifics about Canada's alleged involvement in Vietnam, Coren's "et tu" routine is pretty slim on the specifics of universities that have regularly hosted speakers who "call for Christians to be killed", let alone make the broad generalizations that constitute the framework of Coren's poor-poor-us persecution tale.

A Provost reminding an upcoming speaker of the differences between Canada's speech laws and that which exist in the speaker's home country is a courtesy, not a "threat of criminal prosecution", let alone "Liberal Fascism". That might not fit well with Coren's middle-aged-Catholic-rebel costume or Coulter's neo-McCarthyite schtick, but then neither do the straw-stuffed opponents they made careers out of staging battles with.

A "Fairy Story", indeed.

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Torybaiter said...

Coren will revel in Coulter's company. After all, she is as vitriolic and angry as Shaidle, but also taller and better looking. Maybe they could mate? We could call it "devolution in action."

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