Friday, March 5, 2010

"Why We Hate Jews"

Memo to the wingnuts who consistently conflate criticism of Israel's (the state) actions with anti-Semitism: This is what the latter actually looks like.

Inability to grasp (or feigned ignorance of) the difference it illustrates speaks volumes.


masterymistery said...

The Kinsmanredeemer site is full of hate, fear, bitterness, paranoia and insecurity. Strange how those qualities are frequently associated with religion.

Without wanting to get into a debate, I find that much of the criticism of Israel's (the state's) actions to be misinformed, misplaced, misguided and based on erroneous and/or unblanced media reports. And likely to directly or indirectly provide support to groups for whom violence and hatred is a way of life, eg Hamas, el Fatah, Hezbollah, Taliban, el qaeda etc.

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

CanNurse said...

The Kinsmanredeemer site is one of the most shockingly unbelievable hideous pieces of absolutely evil crap I have ever seen. I am gobsmacked. I had no idea people with such ideas even existed these days. Those people are seriously twisted. Isn't that website hate speech?

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