Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Sarah: Slayin another straman.

Maybe "deathpanels" from a helicopter are no longer in season?

Obama didn't say that there was "a problem with a strong America". He was speaking to the associated responsibilities and costs of being a dominant military power (of which he also didn't say was "wrong").

I guess when you've got an audience as skilled in critical thought as the Teabaggers, facts are optional?


Anonymous said...
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Malcolm+ said...

The scary thing is that Sawah and the rest of the religious far right believe their cause is so holy that they are not constrained by the same ethical considerations as the rest of us mere mortals. Lying in the name of the God of their distorted and heretical theology is not a sin because it is done to a higher purpose.

In a former time, we would have called it "Jesuitical," but that was a slander against the Jesuits. Unfortunately, it's entirely accurate as a description of the faux Christians of the extreme right.

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