Friday, April 9, 2010

We're all socialists now!

Having seen the potential for this whole "socialist" red-baiting to come back and bite the right in the ass, Glenn Beck doubles-down on dumb and adds two more names to his little red book of socialist American politicians.

Who are these newest inductees into this ever-growing club of Karl Marx devotees?

Mitt Romney and George W. Bush.

The fun starts around the 4 minute mark.


Malcolm+ said...

Eventually this moron is going to go off the edge, just like his role model Joe McCarthy. Remember that what bought that particular demagogue down was when he over-reached and attacked the United Staes Army.

CK said...

Wow! When even Georgie & Mitts are called socialist...I mean, wow!

Yanno, all that paranoia is going to lead to very bad things on the other side? Perhaps they should do well to read the history of General Pinochet and the take over of the military Junta in 73, in Chile.

I remember months back there were musings about a military coup to oust Obama

That is how facist regimes get started

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