Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cameron voted Prime Minister of Britain!

The MSM is apparently suggesting that parliamentary democracies are not "the people we get to vote for for Prime minister", but I blame the liberal, anti-democratic, anti-freedom, socialistmarxistfascist bias of the media. It is clear that the media fools believe that Britain should remain slavishly mired in a 19th century-styled mode of government.

They've been spanked. My killer app wins, they lose. They need to accept defeat. What a bunch of morans. I could go on like this for 50+ posts if I believed that playground rhetoric was somehow a compelling fallback for an ignorance of political theory. Fortunately, that's not the case.

It will be interesting how Britain's election results wind up influencing the next sitting parliament, and perhaps the entertainment value of watching arm-chair Glenn Becks attempt to chest-thump their way through populist tantrums and woefully inadequate, adolescent understandings of how Responsible Governance works may provide a little icing on that cake.

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