Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Sarah: American Law should be based on the god of the bible...

...and the 10 commandments.

Maybe that's why she's opposed to regulation of the financial and energy sectors: It doesn't have the same divine stamp as prohibitions on working on the Sabbath or the worshiping of other gods.

I could be wrong, but doesn't the forbidding of adultery apply just as equally to women (and daughters of Alaskan ex-governors) as it does to the Levi Johnston's of the world?

And isn't there something in there about bearing false witness against thy neighbour? What lies would Jesus tell to get his base whipped up about non-existent threats to grandma's living will or gun ownership? It seems to me that Mrs. Snowmachinin'-you-betcha would have more than a few problems of her own whilst living in her fantasy theocracy.

BTW, Mrs. Palin: Formalized social prohibitions on murder, lying, theft etc... existed long before the 10 commandments.


Dillon said...

The prominence of an ignorant grifter like Palin is a perfect example of the broken political discourse in North America.

Audrey II said...

Why, Dillon... I'm shocked at your elistism. ;)

Malcolm+ said...

Technically, since neither the young Ms Palin nor her (now former beau) Mr. Johnson were married, they were guilty only of fornication, not adultery.

Audrey II said...

Since Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort (of crocoduck apparent brilliance) appear to differ, is it safe to suggest that a religious schism on the issue exists?

And to bring this back to the original matter, does the "interpretation" issue that you've brought to light illustrate problems with asserting that the 10 commandments ought to be the basis for U.S. law?

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