Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Conservapedia*

*Because reality has a "liberal bias"


"There is no page titled "teabagging"."

Conservapedia did, however, provide this related article:

"CNN and MSNBC anchors went as far as to make sexual innuendos about the tea parties by using the word "teabagging" in a questionable context."
Now that even the National Review Online is acknowledging that this whole thing was actually a self-inflicted wound, perhaps it might be time for "Conservapedia" to update.


Buffy said...

We aren't the ones who came up with the teabagging motif, they are. They're the ones running around sporting tea bags on their hats and signs like the one you posted. Now they want to blame us because they were too stupid to realize it's a sex act? Typical.

Audrey II said...

I think they've played Nixon's MSM bias card so often (Thank you, Karl Rove!) that it's become reflexive. There doesn't have to be any substance, and logically-valid rationale, it's simply become a universal piece of rhetoric to be spouted as a response to anything and everything.

If conservatives weren't so busy crying about being persecuted by George Soros, the Illuminati, teh EMM ESS EMM, etc..., they might actually have to start advancing their ideological positions on their merits. OH NOES!!!

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