Thursday, June 24, 2010

Has Kristol run out of strawmen?

Neo-Conservative "intellectual" Bill Kristol returns to beat upon the corpse one of the U.S. political right's favorite straw-stuffed shirts.

'Ha! You Progressives think that Obama is the Messiah and that government is the solution to everything!'

-Um, no.

'Heehee! Obama can't plug the oil leak! He's not the Messiah, and government can't solve everything!'


Notice how Kristol completely fails to address the historical record of self/lax regulation on preventing/dealing with/ stopping oil spills.


Institute for advanced how-to-ology said...

Bill Kristol, or any neo-con, talking about small government has to be the biggest hypocrisy in the world. Wherein, between illegal wire-taps and aggressive wars, are we to find this "small government"?

Audrey II said...

Shush! You'll scare off the traditional conservatives and libertarians that the neo-cons use to stay in power! ;)

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