Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How long will it take before Democrats stop blaming Bush?

Nancy Pelosi nails the response to the Republican effort-de-jour to exploit populist apathy, impatience, and ignorance.

Conservatives seem to think that if they simply pretend long enough, they can convince the public that the problems created by the disastrous Bush/Cheney regime were small enough that they could simply be solved with the wave of a wand, even in the face of one of the more obstructionist minority efforts to stall government in recent memory.

Once again, the U.S. right-wing is betting its political future on the public at large being uniformed and uninterested in anything more than soundbytes and talking points. Rove showed that exploiting the worst qualities of the electorate, if done properly, could actually be a winning election strategy. Has the U.S. public learned from that lesson, or will that continue to be its Achilles' heel?

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