Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Sarah: Love Thy Neighbour.

Between the half-term Governor and her new neighbour, only one of the two has thus far 1) taken photographs of the other in their yard, and 2) published and circulated unsubstantiated innuendo about sexual misconduct.

Ironic, ain't it and also you betcha?


Buffy said...

If those RRRWers are good at anything, it's projection.

Audrey II said...

Spot on, Buffy.

Step 1: Whine about things others haven't done or said.

Step 2: Adopt those actions under the guise of payback being fair play.

Step 3: Cry "persecution" and "bias" in response to any and all criticism.

Repeat at will on the way to the bottom of the moral barrel.

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