Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thank goodness for those troops that understand the difference between "When in doubt, pull the trigger"...

...and "keep safe and defend yourself".

Unfortunately, at least one Albertan Conservative politician does not. (h/t Jymn Parrett)

Any bets on whether his constituents will hold him accountable come next election, or is this the kind of bleating his flock loves to hear?


Malcolm+ said...

Rob "too stupid even to be a HarperCon" Anders claims that "whwn in doubt, pull the trigger" is a common saying in the military.

I have 23 years of service in the Canadian Forces - which, incidentally, is 23 years more than Rob Anders - and I have never heard that saying before hte news coverage of the last few days.

Audrey II said...

Having grown up in a military family, I don't know many who'd adopt such a ridiculous phrase as common parlance, let alone euphemistic C.W..

Why does Rob Anders hate the troops?

Malcolm+ said...

In fact, telling soldiers "when in doubt, pull the trigger" would violate the code of service discipline if it were said by a real military person as opposed to professional coward Anders. There are Rules of Engagement promulgated (and periodically updated) on any military operation setting out what force is authorized in what circumstances. "When in doubt, oull the trigger" would violate even the most robust ROEs.

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