Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Zakaria gets it right on the media and the oil spill.

The problem is, Obama is the leader of a country where a goodly lot of the electorate thinks that this kind of thing is presidential leadership. I agree somewhat with what Zakaria is saying regarding media responsibility, but at the same time, in this FOX News environment, media that takes its responsibility seriously will be defeated in the marketplace by organizations that provide people with the journalistic equivalent of crack: Zero nutritional value, but it tells you what you want to hear.

Note to Milton Friedman: Take a look at the American News Media and tell us again about the productive force of rational self-interest.


Brady said...

I happen to agree with him completely as well. What is Obama supposed to do? Jump up and down throwing a tantrum because BP wasn't environmentally responsible? Keeping a cool head is important in a political leader especially considering how much power world leaders have.

Audrey II said...

Spot on, Brady. The notion that calmness and sobriety is a liability while things like bellowing "bring it on" and playing Top Gun for the cameras is "presidential" is about as bizarre as it is counterproductive.

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