Monday, July 19, 2010

Mask-slip Monday.

Remember how it's not about Crusading, religious bigotry or Boykin-esque "My god is bigger than yours" eliminationism? Remember that it isn't an entire religion that need to be expunged from the face of the earth, but rather specific, radical perversions of it?

...Or not.

"I’m totally on board with this. Islam is a religion of hate, sex, death and conquest - make no mistake that it is anything else, least of all “peaceful”. It is a system of conquest by the sword - and in this modern era, by the cradle. As a woman who values both her freedom and her clitoris, I am staunchly anti-Islam. There is no place for it in an enlightened global society. You can show your support for an anti-Islam movement by being as stylish as Mr. Wilders."

Questionable fashion expertise aside, much thanks go out to Wendy for giving us yet another look at what lies beneath.

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