Thursday, July 8, 2010


Sarah "Death Panels" Palin is now pleading via twitter for the press corps to regurgitate her own personal brand of absurd healthcare propaganda.

What Palin and others on the U.S. right desperately are attempting to bluster over is that no system creates unlimited healthcare resources, which results in... rationing! Should that rationing be done consciously and based on need, and maximizing quality of life/reduction of suffering, or should it be left to the unconscious magic-hand of the market and based on access to finances, reserving those resources for the highest bidder?

...And once again, we see the term "socialism" being redefined-down to a pejorative that means "not what Sarah Palin proposes".

Idiocy and also you betcha.


sassy said...

She's an idiot.

Brady said...

It's only rationing if the system doesn't have enough resources to provide to everyone. With the amount of clinics and hospital resources that the states has they would have an easier time providing for citizens than we do if they switch over to some sort of transition dual health care system.

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