Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bitch Bronwyn, Bitch.

Oh Noez!!1! Ezra Levant was heckled, but some other author wasn't!

Once again, we see yet another conservative writer making the welll-worn plea for intellectual affirmative action.

While Eyre's correct that people should examine all aspects of an issue, she leaves the path of openmindedness and starts down the trail of false equivocation with the typical right-wing begging for dissent to be bestowed with intrinsic value.

Ideas and arguments should stand on their own merit, and while Bronwyn and other conservatives continue to advocate for a FOXNews atmosphere, where "balance" is, an ironically extolled virtue and the notion of objective truth gives way to the idea that there are always "two sides" of equal merit that ought to be "fairly" presented so that "you can decide", people like Mr. Levant are thankfully still going to have their wares evaluated by the public on their merits, and audiences will tend to act accordingly. If that results in Mr. Levant getting heckled while some other author was not, perhaps Ms. Eyre ought to consider that it might be a matter of the difference between what the two individuals have presented that's the issue.

Mr. Levant has more than earned his ridicule, Ms. Eyre, and has been using his own "bullhorn" to much greater effect than anything a single protester at a bookstore might have been able to accomplish. To argue that Levant's "dissent" be treated as though it's just another "side" is to remove it from the scope of critical evaluation and to plead for affirmative action in the realm where it is least suited: the marketplace of ideas. We've seen where that approach leads to south of the 49th and while some might find it ideologically convenient, it's not pretty.

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