Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Catholic League is right: Not all sexual abuse is equal.

...but not in the sense that Bill Bennett thinks.

In another particularly odious display, the Catholic League president tries his best to justify a long-standing case of teen sexual abuse by a priest via a variety of different post-facto rationalizations: It's the victim's fault for not speaking up about the abuse earlier, it's teh gay that dun it, sexual touchin' and rubbin' ain't really rape, etc... all of which deliberately avoid the point that this was a priest, taking advantage of the position of power and authority bestowed upon him by the church to sexually abuse someone who was supposed to be in his care and trust.

This was not (as Donohue so desperately attempts to frame it as) "the work of a homosexual", but rather an individual to whom the power and age disparity between him and his victim was an important factor in the abuse. There's absolutely nothing presented to indicate that the same-sex nature of the abuse was relevant, yet Donohue trots out the well-worn Catholic playbook of blaming abuse on the homosexuals.

Instead of condemning this kind of abhorrent behaviour, the church has (as Donohue once again illustrates) bent over backwards to hide, cover-up, justify, minimalize and blame the victims of sexual abuse. As long as Donohue's rationalizations continue, and as long as the Church continues to cover up, minimize, or blame gays for its abuse issues, the problem will go without significant address or resolution.

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