Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Gay Rights Killed Clementi"?

The background: A student was secretly filmed having sex with a person of the same gender by his roommates . When the student learned about being taped, he then committed suicide.

The conservative response from one "Vox Day" of WorldNetDaily: Clementi's death is the fault of his being "steeped in years of indoctrination" that told Clementi that there was nothing wrong with his "abnormal" urges. Clementi then acted on those urges and felt deservedly ashamed for having done so.

You see, it isn't the stigma that conservatives continue to work to maintain that gives homosexuals grief, it's teh gays thinking there's something normal about themselves. We'll apparently reduce gay suicides if we work to ensure that nothing ever gets between the shame that gays should feel and that shame repressing homosexual behaviour.

...Absolutely brilliant.

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