Monday, October 18, 2010

Glass House of Self-Unawareness.

"Canadian Sentinel" provides a very intellectually-compelling pictorial to support the argument that liberal-leaning males aren't "manly men", adding to his ongoing concern over the apparent non-manliness of liberals.

As only conservative men like C.S. know, the mark of "real men" is gushing over pictures of half-clothed Chuck Norris and Lou Ferrigno.

On a completely unrelated note, the word of the day is "Latent".


Holly Stick said...

Funy, isn't it that "real" rightwing "men" are so terrified of allowing anyone to post criticism on their blogs?

"Ooh, they said something nasty! I must delete it before it pops my delusional bubble of undeservedly high self-esteem!"

Jymn Parrett said...

Indeed, the word is 'latent', from Toews to Levant to wide-eyed bloggers like CS.

Darren said...

I fail to see how a desire for the resurgence of masculinity means that there is something "latent" about those who pursue it. From Plato to Washington to Regan, masculinity has always been a cherished ideal. If masculinity equals homosexuality, the world is obviously going to hell.

Audrey II said...

I wonder if Reagan was ever so "masculine" that he fantasized about Chuck Norris and Lou Ferrigno working out together.

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