Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hello, my name is mommy?

Most ironic use of clip art ever.*

Yes, mothering demands more than many women have to give. However, if your entire identity is wrapped up in the construct of being a nameless baby-manufacturing plant, it might explain a lot about your worldview and blogging motivation.

*Again, my apologies for having to resort to search result links that are two clicks removed from the source being cited, but the blogger in question redirects traffic from posts that critically evaluate what she's written to fetal gore pictures. For some reason, she thinks that sort of thing makes an intelligent point.


Darren said...

Do I sense a bitter, infertile feminist?

Audrey II said...

Your deductive reasoning skill clearly serves you well, Darren.

Malcolm+ said...

There was an odd - though perhaps not ironic - use of a photo from 1930s Germany of a family listening to Nazi speeches on radio. A reactionary Anglo-Catholic opponent of women bishops used it on a blog post in which, IIRC, he accused the Church of England of being fascist.

The CofE. Clearly Fr. Ed had never seen Eddy Izzard.

(Ironically, confirmation word was priesses.

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