Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'd wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving, but...

...apparently if that wish doesn't also give sufficient homage to a specific sky being, it's not good enough. Does that mean that in Joel Johannesen's world, I'm only then allowed to wish everyone a happy fire-wood-collector-stoning day?

So today, let me give thanks that I (and most of us) don't live in Mr. Johannesen's ideal world, that the construct of being thankful and gracious for the good things in life is larger than any one religion or lack thereof, and that thankfulness can be celebrated for it's own virtue, without religious-exclusive squabbling or evangelism.


Malcolm+ said...

Why are there so many @SSh@+S who claim to be my coreligionists?

sassy said...

.. celebrated for it's own virtue..

hear hear !|!|

and a Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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