Thursday, October 14, 2010

Now is the time at ETP where we juxtapose!

Here's just a minor sampling of Small Dead Animal's ongoing series of posts decrying the 10-10 ads, which depict those who disagree with the anthropogenic climate change being killed:
Deathwishes? For me, but not for thee!:
While I completely agree that the 10-10 ads were terribly wrong (and have posted as much earlier) and that violent, eliminationist rhetoric is the weapon of morons, methinks Kate McMillan's's co-bloggers might want to bush up on SDA's history of it's own advocacy of violence, lest the place start to smell a little of disingenuousness or hypocrisy.

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Malcolm+ said...

It's not like intellectual honesty or integrity were ever hallmarks of Kate's Hatefest.

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