Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Conservapedia*

*Because reality has a "liberal bias"


"We quantify intelligence, health, athletic skills, and even musical talent. But more important than those, especially for teenagers, is the vulnerability to atheism. A simple test can quantity one's vulnerability to atheism:

1. Do you frame arguments in terms of what is best for you, as opposed to others?

2. Do you spend more time thinking about yourself than volunteering for others?

3. Do you deny equal time to the Bible?

4. Do you oppose allowing classroom prayer even when everyone in the classroom wants to pray together?

5. Do you think atheists have achieved more intellectually than non-atheists?

(add more)

If your score (or the score of a loved one) is "yes" on more than half of the questions, then you (or a loved one) is highly vulnerable to atheism. Beware of the depression and anxiety that typically follows."

-Andy Schlafly, Founder of "Conservapedia: The Trustworthy Encyclopedia"

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