Sunday, November 28, 2010

And the Horowitz Freedom Center award for unabashed bigotry and racism goes to...

...Pamela Geller!

It speaks volumes about your organization when your award confuses "courage" with the regurgitation of populist scapegoating, lying, and religious bigotry.

David Horowitz has not yet responded to requests to clarify whether it was Pamela's birtherism, her expose on how Obama was the product of an affair with Malcolm X, her repeated insistence that Obama is a Muslim, her support for Islamophobe and bigot Geert Wilders & his overtly fascist Dutch "Party for Freedom, her bragging about having authored a book that (amongst other things) calls President Obama an "anti-semite", or her "Stop the Islamification of America" effort that his organization considers "courageous".

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