Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Big Lie.

Andrew Sullivan takes the U.S. right to task for advancing outright lies when it knows better. As an example, he references the narrative conservative "intellectuals" like Jonah Goldberg worked so hard to construct regarding Obama's views on American exceptionalism, all contrary to reality and requiring the use of selective editing and misleading half-truths (shades of Breitbart).

Sullivan himself may not be the best messenger here, as he's forwarded a few inaccurate narratives of his own. That said, the message itself has merit. With such GOP leaders like Palin and Beck employing the same kind of disingenuity that National Review editors and columnists have, and FOX News uncritically repeating their nonsense, "the big lie" has become the default modus operandi of the American right. With the press capitulating to the U.S. electorate's bizarre demand for "balance", what should be the referee is unfortunately absent from the playing field.

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