Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Canada should be participating in the bombing of Iran.

Mark Steyn laments the improbability of Canada participating in an Israeli bombing of Iran.
"So even if Israel were to bomb it, the fact that there are no Americans, no British, no French, no Germans, no Canadians along for the ride, tells our enemies something very profound about Western will."
...Or perhaps "Western sanity"?

The radicalism of people like Steyn (and his ironic counterparts) who yearn for a religious clash of civilizations needs to be continually pointed out so that (despite repetition) it does not become lost how extreme and dangerous it is.

In the mean time, will Mr. Steyn be joining an Israeli militia to actually live out his convictions, or is he just another bloated, La-Z-Boy chickenhawk full of chest-thumping and noise to put others in harms way?

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