Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If you can't handle people asking you about policy or what you read....

... how on earth do you think you should be trusted to handle Iran, terrorism, or the economic crisis? ...Through FOX News too?

UPDATE: I missed this the first time through the clip, but upon review, there's a few great gems:
  • Palin's description of her family as being "thick skinned" is one of the more absurd bits of lack-of-self-awareness that Palin's displayed thus far. They can't even host a single episode of what's being billed as a "travel log" without using it as a platform to whine about how they've been treated.
  • Then there's her dismissal of Willow and Bristol's homophobic slurs as mere "bad words". Contrast this with her histrionic demands for the firing of others who have also used "bad words".
  • And isn't it quite telling how Palin describes her response to her daughter's use of a bigoted, anti-gay epithet? She told the daughter responsible that "there is no justice and you have to just zip your lip"?!?!?
  • She also bitches about the "mainstream media" while being a contributor and frequent guest on the most watched cable news network in the nation. Lack-of-self-awareness and faux-persecution double whammy!

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