Monday, November 15, 2010

Lingenfelter continues to hammer Wall government on livestock aid.

"NDP Leader and Ag critic Dwain Lingenfelter said today that recent announcements of a livestock aid program by the Wall Government fails to address livestock producers most important concerns. Lingenfelter called on the Wall Government to immediately provide a $150 per head payment; $75 per yearling and repeated his call for a $100 per flooded acre payment to grain producers who were also short-changed by the Wall Government earlier this fall."

Dwain Lingenfelter has been raising the livestock aid issue for quite some time now, and the Sask Party has continued to fail to address the matter. Given the dwindling number of livestock producers in the province, this probably isn't something that's going to win Lingenfelter a large amount of votes, but his willingness to do the right thing and fight for Saskatchewan farmers regardless of political gain is something that deserves attention.

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