Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sarah Palin on how "We need to stand with our North Korean allies".

Interesting foreign policy you've got there, and also you betcha.

No word yet on whether Sarah will go on for years fuming about the "gotcha" questioning of Glenn Beck's co-hosts.

EDIT: For people such as Dan Gainor of Brent Bozell's misleadingly named "Media Research Center" who are running spin for Palin and dismissing this as a mere slip of the tongue, C&L points out that Mark Halperin actually reported Palin's inability to distinguish and non-interest in the difference between the two Koreas back in "Game Change". Either Halperin and Co. have some serious mind-ray power to coincidentally force the half-term-turned-facebookin-queen into making the exact same specific error, or this isn't just a mere "mistake" as Palinites like Gainor are desperately attempting to cast it as.

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