Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Sarah: Not all mistakes are created equal.

The half-term governor turned facebookin' an' twitterin' queen lashed out at those who were critical of her mix-up of the Koreas last week, employing in true conservative fashion the relativist "But so and so did it too!" argument.

The problem with that for Mrs. Palin (you betcha and also) is that while it's true that Obama may have mis-stated how many states he had visited or had left to go in his campaign tour, no one really thinks that Obama actually doesn't know how many states there are. Regarding Palin and the Koreas, not so much. In fact, one of the things mentioned in Mark Halperin's book "Game Change" was that Palin specifically was unaware of the differences between the two Koreas and showed little interest in learning about it. The equivocation between what Palin either coincidentally or not re-affirmed about her grasp of world affairs and an obvious slip of the tongue about the number of states Obama had visited is a false one, but it's telling how willingly so many teabaggers will swallow it uncritically. And while Sarah's recent little Thanksgiving facebook tirade might get a few chuckles from her choir, it seems that more and more these days, that's all that's listening to her.

So just for the record, from Couric to Gibson, from writin' on the hand to puttin' the butcherin' of turkeys in her interview background, from claimin' that Alaska's proximity to Russia gave her foreign policy credentials to patently dishonest and false "deathpanels" nonsense... Yes, everyone does make mistakes, but in the brain-dead-&-really-ought-to-have-known-better area (and despite desperately trying to convince people otherwise), Palin can only dream that she is less like herself and more like Obama.

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