Thursday, November 25, 2010

So very, very desperate to wrap amphiboly with the credibility of science.

One... Two... Three * threads and dozens of replies later, blob-blogger and ALL-CAPS LOVING SUZANNE FORTIN of BIG BLUE WAVE still can't cite a single biologist that makes the same blatant non-sequitur conflation she wants so desperately to call "biological".

This isn't the first time that Ms. Fortin has played loose with words and logic. Her blog sees almost daily references to pro-choicers as "pro-aborts" or (as she did in the title of the last linked post above) "abortion supporters". She then continues to use those inaccurate terms even long after the individuals she's describing make it abundantly clear they are inaccurate descriptions of their positions.

What's even more unfortunately telling is that antics like this rarely draw any kind of criticism from Suzanne's anti-abortion commentors. In fact, the anti-abortion movement at large has an overwhelming tendency to uncritically nod in agreement to child-like linguistic amphiboly such as what Suzanne Fortin posted, as long as it can be said to arrive at the approved, a priori conclusion.

Bonus hilarity: The intellectual heft (or lack thereof) involved in claiming that a lack of a "yes or no" response to a loaded question is proof that others must be afraid to answer it. Oddly enough, there's still been no yes or no response yet from MS. FORTIN on if she's stopped beating her husband.

*My apologies for the twice-removed links, but SUZANNE FORTIN apparently thinks it's brilliant to redirect links from anyone critical of her to pictures of fetal gore.


sassy said...

haha seems she could not load fetal gore on twitter. She really doesn't cotton to being challenged/criticized, does she?

Audrey II said...

No, Sassy, she doesn't. In fact, her heavy handed comment moderation and traffic redirection effort is less indicative of a blogger that's interested in commentary and discussion and more that of a head of a congregation, interested instead in reaching and only being exposed to only their non-critical, head-nodding flock.

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