Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Conservapedia*

*Because reality has a "liberal bias"

Why are there so few homosexual athletes

"To me this seems to be a very strange phenomenon, since the homosexual agenda would have you believe that homosexuals are present everywhere. Yet in sports they seem to be lacking. I think there's a few reasons. First off, in sports, you have to be strong-willed to succeed, yet homosexuals were weak-willed enough to succumb to their temptations. Secondly, sports help reaffirm the young athletes with people of the same gender. Boys unconsciously observe how other boys act and model their behavior on this; the same with girls. This is one of the reasons Dr. James Dobson encourages parents to have their children play sports -- it helps discourage the gender dissociation which is one of the causes of homosexuality. In that vein, it's not surprising that the majority of homosexuals in sports come from individual sports, such as tennis, golf, figure skating or diving. In team sports, the players have to be like-minded with the others to form an effective team, so if one of them is having distracting thoughts, the whole team suffers. The homosexuals become a liability for teamwork and either must adopt a straight lifestyle or leave the sport. This is why there are so few homosexual athletes."


Beijing York said...

OMG, so stupid it hurts.

Audrey II said...

Beijing York: You're so biased. Approaches like yours is why Conservapedia needs to exist. ;)

On a serious note, I too am constantly surprised at the kind of absurd nonsense that many conservatives find to be intellectually compelling.

Troy Thomas said...

Now, I'm sure the majority of Conservapedia writers have at least a "My father said so" degree. Less might have the more prolific "It stands to reason" degree. Few would have the "What some guy in the bar told me" degree, but all three should speak for themselves, right?

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