Tuesday, November 16, 2010

That'll show them libtards!

NRO's Daniel Foster responds to regulations requiring more graphic health warnings on cigarette packages by... threatening to take-up smoking.

This self-defeating, own-foot-shooting phenomenon seems to be a common trend amongst conservatives in response to progressive initiatives. Recall the response to "Earth Day". Intellectual conservatives everywhere brilliantly vowed to increase their own gas and electrical bills out of spite. One such luminary mind even went so far as to plan to increase her exposure to cancer-causing chemicals. ...Or how about the incredibly whip-smart and effective threats to "Go Galt" as a reaction to taxes returning to Clinton-years levels. Right now, the braniacs of the Northern Kentucky Tea Party are opposing regulations designed to reduce cancer-causing pollutants in drinking water!

It seems to me that progressive-leaning folks haven't fully made good use of this conservative trait. Perhaps we should start considering things like supporting legislation that prohibits sticking forks in electrical sockets or that limits the amount of laxatives one can take at a time. We could propose regulations against sticking one's tongue to freezing metal and breaking dinner plates on one's own head. The possibilities are endless!

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