Saturday, November 6, 2010

Uncritically regurgitating what you heard on Rush Limbaugh's show...

...or see on FOX may result in egg ending up on your face.

FactCheck.Org has the details on Obama's "$200 million per day" trip to India.
So does Snopes.

Of course, facts haven't gotten in the way of this becoming a popular right-wing talking point. Tea Party wackjob Congressperson Michele Bachmann even repeated it on CNN after reading it on Drudge. ...And like so many other right-wing loads of B.S., they'll just move on without any retraction, betting on audience attention deficit, apathy, and amnesia. What's even more disturbing is that in today's United States, that's becoming a winning bet.

No wonder some are looking forward to the prospect of a FOX News North.

EDIT: CNN now has more on the outrageous story that wingnuts like Bachmann and Limbaugh have been flogging, that right-wing propaganda mills like Drudge and FOX News have been disseminating, and which zealous partisan hacks in the blogosphere have been uncritically repeating.

I wonder what the odds are of any of these people who dutifully parroted this nonsense printing or voicing a retraction or apology, let alone grasping or caring about the part they play in spreading disinformation. I asked "Scenty" here whether or not he would be modifying or removing his original post. His response?

To claim that all of this debunking is just a George Soros organized cover-up.

This is your brain on Glenn Beck.


Dave said...

I believe it was Rachel Maddow who asked, "How do you talk to these people?"

The answer is... you don't. Once they've created their own reality, no matter how far it strays from the facts, their small minds are made up.

Audrey II said...

Facts can (and do tend to) be biased. That's why "fairness and balance" is so important. ;)

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