Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wendy Sullivan on why she exists.

"I was focused, and goddammit I was angry. The Western world was continuing its head-in-the-sand policy of believing that Muslims could stand for something other than war and death, and once again were shown only war and death.

In my own sick way I want to thank Major Hassan for giving me back the hatred and anger that drives me. He did more for me last year than all the pills and shrinks could ever have accomplished on their own. He reminded me why I - as RightGirl - exist and why I must continue to maintain my blog and my fight."

If the reason you exist hinges on you blogging about how Muslims only stand for war and death, it's probably time to get back to your medication and therapy.


Jymn said...

I don't think there will ever been enough pills or therapy to help this person. She is one sick puppy.

sassy said...

She sums herself up nicely when she says "..hatred and anger that drives me".

That explains it all as far as I'm concerned.

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