Friday, November 12, 2010


Phyllis Schlafly's Texas Eagles Forum is very concerned about "the spread of Islam in the United States", and says "it must be stopped before it's too late". As a solution, the group apparently proposes making it so that "Muslims should be ineligible to run for political office".

If that weren't bad enough, another one of the group's proposed solutions is to "eliminate Muslim government employees".

The Texas Eagles forum did not specify the method of elimination they were referring to.

*For those who don't catch the allusion


BlastFurnace said...

Hmmm ... I thought Article VI of the Constitution bars religious tests for public office holders as well as those in the public service both civilian and military. Guess Schlafly flunked civics in high school.

Malcolm+ said...

I'm curious why these self-styled "patriots" s despise their own Constitution.

Audrey II said...

BlastFurnace, I'd be surprised if Schlafly attended a public high school. They're "liberally biased", and indoctrinate kids with "the homosexual agenda".

Audrey II said...


The constitution and the flag have always been convenient wrappers for whatever position the right holds, regardless of how wide the disconnect between them.

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