Saturday, December 25, 2010

Alberta's Conservative Government: only 4 decades out of date!

Alberta lists homosexuality as "mental disorder", which raises the question: Does the Albertan government also consider "raising trouble" as a potential sign of female hysteria?

(h/t Mattbastard)


stageleft said...

Good gods. A modern day, supposedly civilized government, "treating" homosexuality?

One has to wonder how many cold baths were proscribed and paid for by the people of Alberta.

Audrey II said...

... or what format / forms the Albertan government uses for charging the Feds for bloodletting / snake-oil / gold injections.

It would be one thing if this was an issue of unknown, antiquated forms simply collecting dust and not being updated, but this is something where its not only being contemporarily used, but also one where the government was specifically made aware of the problem; not innocent ignorance/unawareness.

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