Thursday, December 9, 2010

Golden Puddle Award Nominee.

"Reliapundit" gives us a glimpse at how well some on the right courageously stand up in the face of terror for western principles like the rule of law:

"After this incident, I now believe that every Muslim should get an enhanced pat-down AND scanned EVERYWHERE - airports, train stations, bus stations, court houses, parades, etc. And all their email and phone calls and bank transfers should be tracked by the CIA, the NSA and the FBI."

When one's been successfully terrorized, haven't the terrorists then succeeded?


sassy said...

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Terrorists 1, blogger 0

1st wv= dies sing
2nd wv - dulest

OK who's watching

Audrey II said...

"Terrorists 1, blogger 0"

Pretty much. ...And it makes all of the "tough on terror" chest thumping all the more ironically amusing.

sassy said...


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