Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The most patriotic and crucifixy Christmas tree, EVAH!

When I first saw the pictures of this thing being circulated via email, I thought it was just someone's idea of a joke. I guess I must have missed the Colbert Report episode that featured it, as the ridiculously caricature-like thing is real:
"LIMITED SUPPLY - Order your CHRIST-mas Tree today! Beautiful Christmas tree that we are sure all patriots will love! Celebrate Christmas American style by showing that Americans do love Jesus and YES, we are a Christian nation! It's not just a tree, it's a movement! Cultivate a new tradition, display all year long for all to see as a symbol and reminder of our Christian nation heritage!
Yes, for just a mere $399 USD (+S&H), you now can reunite Christmas with both Old Glory and the crucifixion, just as they were meant to be!

Unfortunately the "Christian Nation CHRIST-mas Tree" (the company's actual name for it, right down to the trademark ALL-CAPS!) does not come with a big ole package of self-awareness.


doconnor said...

Colbert description of this is one of by favorite lines from the show: "Its like Jesus and George Washington teamed up to declare independence from good taste"

It's from the Dec 13th episode, if you want to look up the video on The Comedy Network.

Francie said...

Wow, am speechless, Mr. Colbert's description is
perfect. $399 is a little to rich for my red, white & blue blood.

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