Thursday, December 2, 2010

An open letter to Mr. Julian Assange,

Dear Mr. Assange,

I'm hoping that you haven't taken Canadian author Ezra Levant's recent call for your assassination to heart or misconstrued it as being a carefully considered, well-thought out position. It isn't.

You see, what you may not be aware of about Mr. Levant's rationality is that he literally cannot distinguish between positions other than his own and positions of terrorists, and he has a history of conflating the two.

Take for example this exchange between himself and Tony Navaneelan (a law student with the Omar Khadr Project): Mr. Navaneelan articulated principled opposition to throwing western rule of law out the window, and Mr. Levant could only comprehend that as "loving" someone for being "an anti-Canadian, anti-western, anti-Semitic, anti-freedom terrorist".

As you can see for yourself, Mr. Levant's "with me or with the terrorists" worldview is even more extreme than that of George W. Bush, which should speak volumes in terms of the amount of intellectual heft his histrionics should be credited as having.

I'm sure over the next while, you'll become more aware of the kinds of things that Mr. Levant has a long history of putting into the public sphere here in North America, but I thought this example was particularly relevant given his current effort to cast the acting on of opposing ideas towards government transparency as a war crime.

I do hope this humble note may provide you with a small bit of relief, as it might be all to easy to labour under the misconception that Mr. Levant, with his publishing history and frequent Canadian media appearances, might be someone whose opinions on such matters warrant serious consideration. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sincerely yours,

-Audrey II, EnormousThrivingPlants.

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