Monday, December 13, 2010

Small Dead Animals responds to Sorkin's criticism of "Sarah Palin's Alaska"...

...with a not-so-thinly-veiled assassination allusion.

For those who might have forgotten, this isn't the first time that instead of actually responding to the arguments or criticisms that other raise, eliminationist rhetoric like...
... has graced Kate's Small-Dead-Blog pages.

All class, that gal. No wonder Adler finds a connection. Let this be a lesson to all: Criticize something Kate considers sacred, you might find yourself the recipient of a violent death wish.

Oh, and for those of you who can actually stomach Adlers huffing and puffing, you might take note at how quickly he dishonestly conflates the meat-processing industry with transparently gratuitous killing for political photo-ops.


Jymn said...

When you are morally, ethically and intellectually corrupt, what is left but to use the rhetoric of death against those with whom you cannot reasonably argue? After all, it's good enough for Palin.

SDA's host must be auditioning for FNN. Maybe it will have a 'Small Dead Animals Saskatchewan' program it can use. A Conservative cannot get enough killing of defenseless animals for no other reason other than the 'thrill' of the kill. For FNN viewers' sake, one can only hope McMillan is better acquainted with a firearm than is Palin.

Audrey II said...

"...for no other reason other than the 'thrill' of the kill".

Perhaps that same fetish is what motivates so many of them to pen assassination/murder fantasies? Pity it couldn't be channeled towards some kind of constructive purpose.

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