Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Conservapedia*

*Because reality has a "liberal bias"

Liberal Falsehoods

"A major liberal falsehood of the mid-20th century was that intelligent life in outer space must exist, and that America should spend billions looking for it. This falsehood had political overtones in favor of nuclear disarmament, globalism, environmentalism, government spending and atheism. Political and Atheist leaders who supported research into extraterrestrial life, or were strong advocates that intelligent life must exist in outer space were:

Jimmy Carter
Adolf Hitler
Carl Sagan

Belief in ET's is as strong among atheists and materialists as the belief in angels and departed saints by religious believers."

Mr. Schlafly's understanding of liberals and their "beliefs" seems to rival his understanding of the scientific theory of evolution.


rww said...

A question for the religious right. Why would God only create life on one planet in the whole universe.

Audrey II said...

Question for you, rww: Why do you support Hitler? ;)

For an apparently all-powerful being, some people sure place a lot of limits on what he/she could have done.

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